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What is a specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is the highest quality of coffee and is made by dedicated people whose aim is to maintain the quality of coffee. Maintaining the highest standard and excellence of coffee is not a work of one person. It involves a whole lot of people in a chain that are involved in the life cycle of a Coffee Bean from start to end. The people should be dedicated and have the expertise in maintaining the best grade coffee. It is a hard task but many coffee specialties are available in the world.

here is the list of people who help in maintaining the standard and quality of coffee:

  • Firstly, the producer of coffee play an important role in growing the best quality of coffee. Certain parameters like altitude, weather and nutrients for plants are kept in mind. The producers have expertise in growing, nursing and finally refining coffee into to the best quality. Only the perfect Bean of coffee is selected and affected ones are rejected. Farmer chooses buyer that values quality over quantity.
  • Coffee is then bought by green coffee buyer. They have expertise in tasting and distinguishing the best quality of coffee and can score them too. They can identify the quality either by cupping or tasting systematically. They also develop the notes to mention about the taste and description of coffee on the packages.
  • After the tasting of green coffee it is then roasted and are transferred to coffee roasters who are expertise in this field. They have knowledge and experience in maintaining the quality speciality coffee beans while roasting it. To learn the skill it require lot of training. Coffee when being roasted is observed and monitored vigilantly. Thermodynamics heat transfer are maintained to obtain the best quality of coffee beans with special flavour too.
  • The Barista is an expert in Brewing the best quality of coffee. If high quality coffee beans are not brewed properly then the result of speciality coffee will not be up to the mark. The Barista is experienced and is trained to produce the best quality and flavour fromĀ top coffee shops in Dubai. They are well aware about the origin and steps in the cycle of coffee and know what Brewing method will reveal the best taste.
  • And finally, the consumer completes the cycle of speciality coffee andĀ best coffee in Dubai. By taking the time and testing the different kinds of speciality coffee will lead to you making more informed choices. Your commitment towards speciality coffee beans because of the quality is the actual win of all these steps.