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Is In-Home Care A Better Option Than Nursing Home Or Assisted Living Facility?


If you are considering moving your senior loved one into a home nursing in Dubai, there are many benefits of in-home care. It is less expensive and offers continuity of care. It is also safer and more convenient. In-home care providers can be hired on an hourly basis.

In-Home care is less expensive:

In-home care for the elderly is much less expensive than staying in a nursing home. Professional home care agencies provide a wide range of services, including personal companionship, meal preparation, and medication management. In-home care costs between DH 18 and DH 25 per hour. It can also be less expensive than hiring a nurse or physical therapist.

It provides continuity of care:

Continuity of care is vital for older people and those receiving end-of-life or palliative care. It is also vital for people with significant disabilities or complex medical regimens. Continuity of care requires communication between all parties involved and collaboration to achieve specific goals.

Many key stakeholders have commented on the importance of continuity of care in the home care environment. For example, physicians and clients have noted that continuity of care is a positive factor for their patients. Understanding the concept of continuity can help families optimize homecare within limited resources.

It is safer:

An In-Home care provider is typically more affordable than a nursing home facility. Many providers charge by the hour rather than by the day. The cost of care may vary based on the needs of the senior. In-Home care is also more convenient, with no waiting or travel time.

It is more convenient:

There are many advantages of in-home care. For one, you can customize the care you receive to meet the needs of your loved one. In-home care services have flexible schedules and offer a full menu of services. A caregiver is matched with the senior to meet their personal needs. They can assist with daily tasks and social activities while preserving your loved one’s privacy.

Lastly, an in-home care provider will often work directly with your loved one’s insurance company, making the process easier for you and your family. This advantage can be a big help to you and your loved one. Choosing between a nursing home and in-home care can be a difficult decision. However, it’s important to speak with professionals, research in advance, and ask your older adult for their input.