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Genuine Vs. Used Spare Parts – What’s The Difference?


Buying genuine Volkswagen spare parts Sharjah can help you save money on your old vehicle. It also gives you peace of mind. If something fails, the OEM will take responsibility. The only downside is that the cost of the replacement part might be higher than a similar non-genuine part.

The best way to distinguish between a genuine and a used spare part is to look at what the original manufacturer of the component made. Usually, a company will produce a high-quality part and then sell it to the consumer under its name. Sometimes, a company will reverse engineer a genuine OEM component and make a better version for a lower price.

The most important thing to know about a good quality spare part is that it is guaranteed to fit and function correctly. A guarantee will accompany a new part; if the part has been tested, it should perform the function you need. A used part may be cheaper, but it’s hard to know how much use it has had.

A quality OEM part is an excellent choice for any car enthusiast. It’s built under the same engineering and design as the original item and is often identical in function to the same parts used in a recent model year vehicle.

The same holds for the aftermarket. Some aftermarket manufacturers have developed superior materials and new technology. These companies have a reputation for producing products of greater quality than their OEM counterparts. Although some aftermarket parts are less expensive than their OEM counterparts, there’s always the chance that you’ll get a faulty part.

The best way to determine whether or not a product is genuine is to contact a reputable company and ask about the quality of the parts. A company with a dedicated customer service team and a solid track record are likelier to tell you the truth about the quality of the product you’re looking for. The company can show photos of the original product and explain its quality and durability. A reputable company will also provide recommendations and reviews of other customers’ experiences with their products.