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Car Spring Cleaning Checklist


Before cleaning your car, it’s important to ensure it is in good shape. You’ll need to check the fluids and change the wiper blades. You’ll also need to clean your tires. The tires, as well as the hubcaps, should be scrubbed thoroughly. If you’re going to use a cleaning solution, make sure that you rinse it off thoroughly and let it dry. Read on to find the car spring cleaning checklist. Click this to hire the best mechanic for car servicing in Dubai.

Clean the interior:

Spring is the perfect time to clean the interior of your car. You can remove the floor mats and vacuum the inside of the car. A vacuum is an excellent tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as the steering wheel and cupholders. Also, you can buy a car vacuum attachment to clean the interior of your car’s seats and center console.


A basic checklist of car spring cleaning tasks should include vacuuming the vehicle’s interior. This step is crucial as winter weather can bring grime to floors and mats. Vacuuming these areas can help you uncover dried dirt and salt. You can also find toys, pacifiers, and gloves that may be tucked away.


If you’ve been keeping your car in a garage all winter and you’re finally ready to take it out and start driving it again, it’s time to get your car squeaky clean again. It has likely suffered through the hard winter months, and you want to eliminate the residue and dirt built up. Fortunately, several products can help you accomplish this task.

Change wiper blades:

Changing the wiper blades is one car spring cleaning task to include on your car spring cleaning checklist. These wipers can be easily changed by following a simple procedure. The process involves removing the old blades and repositioning the arms. Different types of wiper blades attach differently. Some are “hook-slot” and have a tab in the middle of a rectangular hole. To change the blade, slide the arm hook over the tab and then pull it upward until it snaps into place.

Remove salt from the underside of your car:

Before you begin car spring cleaning, remove salt from the underside of your car. You can use a spray bottle filled with warm water and white vinegar. Liquid dish soap will also work if you do not want to use vinegar.